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Our Approach

The American Wealth Strategists

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What We Do

Legal Services
  • Real Estate Strategies
  • Corporate Entities
  • Trusts & Foundations
  • Legal Service Contracts, Up to and Including General Counsel Legal Service Contracts
  • Title and Real Estate Closing Services
financial legal services
Tax & Accounting Services
  • Personal, Corporate & Trust Federal and State Tax Returns
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • Fractional CFO Services
  • Integrated Tax and Income Plan Design
  • Annual Consolidated Net Worth Statements
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Monthly Entity Accounting and Reporting
  • Annual Status Reports Compared to Plan
  • Online Access to Custom Reports


Investment Strategy & Implementation
  • Investment Policy Development
  • Asset Allocation Plan Development
  • Investment Managers Selection
  • Investment Vehicle Structures
  • Portfolio Management
  • Custodial Oversight
  • Core Asset Class Oversight
  • Alternative Asset Class Oversight
  • Special Asset Class Research
  • Allocation and Rebalancing Oversight
financial legal services
Retirement Planning
  • Start planning early in life for the rest of your life
  • Proprietary planning tools to project lifestyle and expenses
  • Don’t outlive your money
  • Avoid unnecessary taxes in retirement that consumes savings
  • Avoid paying high Medicare premiums with strategic planning of income
  • Prevent taxes on Social Security benefits by realigning income streams
  • Reduce taxes on retirement accounts by 90%

Insurance Strategies
  • Comprehensive Insurance Reviews
  • Unique strategies to use tax favored treatment of income to your advantage
  • Change income from “Always Taxed” to “Never Taxed”
  • Strategies that the Ultra-Rich use for tax free generational wealth
financial legal services
Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Development of Objectives
  • Multi-Generational Snapshot of Existing Strategies
  • Retirement Planning
  • Legal and Tax Strategies Under Consideration
  • Financial Modeling of Alternative Strategies
  • Explanation of Plans to Owners and Beneficiaries
  • Action Plan to Implement Changes
  • Implement the “Family Board of Directors”
Trusteeship Services
  • Trust Administration
  • Investment and Beneficiary Education
  • Advice on Distributive Duties
  • Selection and Training of Trustees and Protectors
  • Beneficiary Education and Mentoring
  • Estate Administration
financial legal services
Lifestyle Improvement
  • Time tested techniques to prepare you to take your business, your finances and your family to the next level of wealth
  • Create real, lasting wealth with a coordinated advisor approach that saves you time, money and gets you a better outcome
  • Elevate your standard of living by using various structures that reduce taxes, minimize capital gains, thereby allowing you to keep more of your hard earned money
  • Realize an increase in net worth by retirement by up to 10X, even if you are starting late

Family Continuity & Education
  • Family Governance
  • Family Education Plan
  • Family Meeting Coordination
  • Leadership Training
  • Career Planning
  • Coaching and Mentoring
financial legal services
Family Philanthropy
  • Multi-Generational Objectives
  • Personal Giving Programs
  • Foundation Trustee Training
  • Private Foundation Management
  • Governance and Board Development
  • Strategy Analysis and Implementation
With your unique vision in mind, we focus on
helping your family thrive for generations.