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Family Office

American Wealth Strategist

The American Wealth Strategist Difference

We use proactive estate planning to maximize the results of your business strategy and investments. We expand your options with traditional, alternative and cryptocurrency investment options for your most important business decisions and life events.

Simply put, we deliver what you won’t get from a traditional old fashioned advisory structure.

What A Family Office Can Do for You

The most effective strategies begin with the end in mind.

American Wealth Strategist exists to ensure your objectives are met through the combined expertise of a strategic group of advisors. This coordinated effort and focused approach creates a flywheel for your investments that runs behind the scenes to generate substantial results over time.

Your family’s wealth structure deserves the same professional skill and care as any private operating business. American Wealth Strategist includes attorneys, tax experts and professionals from many practices to establish the best structures and management to suit the family’s objectives. We act as a “Family Board of Directors” with our clients and their families.

Preserving and Protecting Family Wealth

Successful business owners from all over the United States turn to American Wealth Strategist for our experience with sophisticated trust options, administrative execution, estate planning and creative life insurance strategies for tax savings and retirement planning. Our attorneys employ various strategies to successfully protect and transfer wealth to family members or other beneficiaries.

What sets American Wealth Strategist Family Office Apart

We are committed to the holistic approach of helping our clients manage their comprehensive interests, no matter what area of the law, business or family issues are involved.

Our clients use our multi-family office services to efficiently harmonize their family, businesses, investments, advisors, homes, fiduciaries, and philanthropy. We offer peace of mind and the confidence that your family’s integrity and assets will be protected and preserved for generations.

Wealth Strategies

Free Discovery Session

We offer a Free Discovery Session to find out if the Family Office approach is right for you and your family.
At the conclusion of the analysis, you’ll have a path for the future along with the benefit of an amazing partnership that comes with the American Wealth Strategist Family Office.