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Franchise FAQs

The American Wealth Strategist
Why use a franchise broker and not go directly to the franchisor?
We use our industry experience to provide you with the information you need when you are considering buying a franchise business. We know which franchises are safer, more reliable, and the most profitable. We also know which ones are currently available in your area. More importantly, we can help you determine which franchises are the best fit for your role as a business owner! With our services, you save time, money, and your sanity during the important decision-making process.
How much does it cost to use the services of a franchise broker?
The client doesn’t pay for the services we provide. You pay the same price for the franchise as if you had gone directly to the franchisor. The franchisor absorbs our fees into their marketing costs. The franchisors respect the processes we follow and recognize the quality and type of candidates we refer to them. We can uniquely provide a win-win scenario for the client and the franchisor.
What are the benefits of buying a franchise?
Franchising offers individuals the opportunity to be “in business for themselves, but not by themselves”. The franchisor offers support, experience, and knowledge of all aspects of the business. They have been there so they know what challenges can arise and the best ways to overcome them. When you join a franchise concept, you get to “stand on the shoulders” of all those who came before you. Franchisors provide you with the tools to be successful. They will train you before your opening. They give you advertising and marketing support that can help build your business. Most importantly, a franchise reduces your risk with systems proven to work. Their training and support help you handle whatever comes up along the way.
Is financial assistance available?
Yes, and we can introduce you to the funding sources who can assist you. Funding a franchise purchase is usually a major consideration for our clients. We feel it is critical to discuss financing options early on in the process so that any problems can be addressed.
How long will it take to get my business started?
This depends almost entirely on you. After starting our process, if you are motivated and responsive, we can typically find a great franchise match for you within one to three months.
Do I need specific industry experience to buy a franchise?
No, most franchisors prefer that you have no experience in the industry before owning the franchise. They prefer this because they want you to learn their systems and follow their processes and procedures. Franchisors are typically looking for candidates who are coachable and have transferable skills. They want people who can motivate employees, close sales, and manage operations efficiently.
How will you find the best franchise for me?
We want to match you with the best franchise concept that meets your specific criteria. But we can’t do that unless we know what those criteria are. We learn these criteria by asking you questions designed to help us narrow our search and provide you with the best matches.
Here are a few examples of the type of questions we may ask you:
· What is attracting you to business ownership?
· Have you owned your own business before?
· How many hours and what time of day do you like to work?
· Do you like selling or customer service?
· Are there specific locations you desire?
· How does managing people make you feel?
· What kind of capital do you have available to start your business?
· Is a recognized brand name important to you?
· Do you want to have more than one location?
· When do you want to open your business?
Once we have answers to these types of questions, we will create a personal profile for you and use it to research franchise options. The consultation process makes it easier to match you with the opportunities that meet your specific criteria. We will narrow down the choices to a short list of franchises. With just a few opportunities to evaluate, you save a lot of time and effort.
There are hundreds of franchise opportunities available to you. Sifting through them all can take months for a person without our knowledge of the industry. Many people get frustrated and give up. Using our service can help you avoid this situation and put you on the path to owning your own business that has everything you want.
To be part of our inventory, each franchise concept has been thoroughly reviewed. We have high standards for every aspect of the business. By doing our homework, we are confident that we can offer you the best opportunities that are right for you.
With your unique vision in mind, we focus on
helping your family thrive for generations.